Saturday, 24 October 2009


This doesn't need to be a big post:

We're putting a 2:30 miunte audio sampler of the EP up on our MySpace page this Monday (26th October).

You'd better check it out!

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

A Torn Mind - "Barriers" is fully mastered!

Today we recieved our lovely finished masters in the post! We were very excited by this! It's sounding really great!

Now that we've got the finished tracks, we've stripped all the old songs from the MySpace page ( to make way for a full EP Audio Sampler, to give you a nice big chunk of music to check out and hopefully whet the old appetite! This will be going up on our MySpace page very very soon indeed... a matter of days. Keep checking!

As promised there will also be a brand new Preview Video to come, with more music and footage to watch/listen to.

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Photos from the Cabaret Voltaire show in Edinburgh will be up on our MySpace and Facebook pages soon!

A Torn Mind

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Sunday, 11 October 2009

The End of a Busy Week!


It's been a busy old week in the A Torn Mind camp!

Three quarters of us kicked the week off with a huge performance at Edinburgh's Usher Hall, with none other than original Deep Purple keyboard player John Lord - performing his "Concerto for Group and Orchestra".

The guys had a great time and played to a massive crowd. The concert has recieve glowing praise in the local press and the A Torn Mind contingent had a good night, rocking out with a musical legend!!!

We recieved the master tracks from "Barriers" back from the mastering company to listen to this week. We're extremely happy with how it's sounding and can't wait to let everyone hear it. It's been really hard work, but we're nearly at the finish line. We should get the final red book master disc back very shortly.

We played our first Edinburgh show in a couple of months at Cabaret Voltaire on Friday evening. The show was good and we had a great time. Thanks to everyone who came down and caught us live. We had a whole bunch of photos taken so I'll post a link up to them when they're all up on the various A Torn Mind sites.

We've just confirmed a show in Glasgow at PIVO PIVO on Waterloo Street. This show is part of the venue's genre-specific run of gigs which are going under the heading, "Shut Up And Eat Your Music".

The show we're playing has been given the glorious title of, "Shut Up And Eat Your... Prog!". Imagine our delight when we saw that!

Details are as follows:

Thursday 5th November
Pivo Pivo

A Torn Mind
Assume The Form

Doors 8pm / Entry £3

Hope to see some familiar faces for this show - It looks to be a real belter!!!


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