Thursday, 29 September 2011

A Torn Mind interviewed on The Daily Dose Blog

Check out this little interview we recently did for awesome Scottish music blog 'The Daily Dose'. Be sure to check out the previous posts for articles and features on unsigned and upcoming bands, the best of the web, acts touring the country and more from the Scottish scene!

Read the interview here:

The Daily Dose:

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Tuesday, 6 September 2011


This week we're filming a little video for fun and we'd like a bunch of you party people to come down and help us make the shoot properly awesome and offering us your acting skills as a crowd/lairy rabble!

We're filming in Edinburgh and there will be beer and pizza on offer as a tasty payment courtesy of the Good Ship A Torn Mind for giving us your time! If you're +18 and want to be in a part of this little shoot, drop an email to and we'll be in touch with more information!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Help A Torn Mind compete to play at top UK festivals!

A TORN MIND have entered the 2011 Red Bull Bedroom Jam competition, which offers unsigned and upcoming bands the chance to play at a host of top UK festivals.

We need your help to get into the 'Buzz Chart' to progress in the competition, and there are a number things you guys can do to lend a hand:


Go check out the video for our track 'Mindless Obsessions' at this link:
** Don't want to sign-up? **
You can still help out by rating the video (5 stars?!? ...Go on ;D)
- Or -
By engaging with us & sharing our "stuff" on Facebook + Twitter [See Task #2 Below]


Talk to / about us on the social network websites you use:

1) 'Like' us on Facebook and post on / share our page:
** As well as the RBBJ Facebook page: **

2) Follow us on Twitter and tag @atornmind in a post:
 ** Remember to tag @RB_BJ too so they know you're talking about us! **

3) Watch + comment our YouTube videos:

- - - - -

The festival-goers amongst you may have even seen bands who've progressed in this competition playing on Red Bull Bedroom Jam tents at UK festivals over the last few years.

Give us a helping hand and spread the word about us / our music if you like what we do. The more 'buzz' about A Torn Mind there is on the RBBJ website (and the wider web + sites above), the more chance there is of us moving into the buzz chart and potentially into the next stage.

GIGANTIC high-fives in advance to any of you kind souls who take 5 mins to help us out ;o)

A Torn Mind  x


Friday, 28 January 2011

Mindless Obsessions - Available Now for Free Download!

We've made a brand new recording available for free download from our Bandcamp page.

To download 'Mindless Obsessions' just go to and click on the "Free Download" link below the audio player. You can also stream our debut EP 'Barriers' in full, direct from our Bandcamp profile!

We hope you enjoy the track, and if you do, please click the 'Share' button on the Bandcamp page to post about the track on Facebook / Twitter etc and give us a hand in letting people know about it.

Check out the 3 new "Making-Of" videos we've uploaded to YouTube too!! 

The Making of Mindless Obsessions - Part 1


The Making of Mindless Obsessions - Part 2

The Making of Mindless Obsessions - Part 3


Remember you can keep up to date with the band on the following websites: